Holiday Brick Walk
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Holiday Brick Walk

Check out the new Snowflake design!
We started a new program in 2019 - the Holiday Brick Walk consists of individual bricks that you can reserve ($200) for your family, friends or even your local business or community group. Where our tree program is only for organized groups, the Holiday Brick Program allows you to "be a part of" Christmas in the Park on a more personalized level.

Choose from two colors (Red or Grey) and three designs: Snowman, Christmas Tree or a Snowflake. Each brick will accommodate up to 25 characters/spaces for the message.

Each brick will be placed on our Holiday Brick Walk located at Christmas in the Park.

Bricks are guaranteed to be in place at Christmas in the Park for a minimum of five years.

Holiday Brick Walk Bricks

Brick Walk
Brick Walk
Christmas in the Park Holiday Brick Walk. Reserve your brick today!
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