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Enchanted Forest

Our Enchanted Forest is Sold Out! Thank you to the more than 500 groups who have purchased a tree to decorate.

Decorating Days: November 20-24, 2023
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Friday: 9-2pm

Please check in at the Information booth located in Holiday Plaza at Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park (1 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113)

Mark your Calendars: Undecorating Days - Jan 2-4, 2024
Important Decorating Guidelines
  • Ornaments need to be wind and water-resistant.
  • Avoid food (pasta, cereal, etc.)
  • Paper ornaments must be laminated.
  • Decor must be able to withstand wind and rain. Use sturdy wires to attach ornaments to prevent them from being blown or knocked off the tree. Please do not use zip ties to attach ornaments.
  • Absolutely NO flocking or spray painting of any kind on the tree.
  • Your tree is approximately 7 to 8 feet tall. We recommend a minimum of 80 ornaments for your tree.
  • Christmas in the Park provides a string of 100 LED lights. You may attach an additional 2 strings of 100 LED lights.
  • Bring your own tools and supplies (pliers, scissors, tape, ornament hangers, small stepladder). We cannot provide any supplies.
  • If you choose to place decorations on the ground, they must fit under your tree. Unfortunately, we can't permit extra items around your tree.
  • You may add one extra sign allowed (8 ½ by 11). Please, no additional signs.
  • Decorations cannot contain any inappropriate or offensive language and or symbols.
  • Appropriate decorations are at the discretion of Christmas in the Park staff.
  • Please be sure young decorators of your organization are closely supervised.

Un-Decorating Days
Tuesday through Thursday (Jan 2-Jan 4) between 10am and 6pmChristmas in the Park ends January 1, 2024. Please un-decorate your tree to receive your $25 refundable fee. When you return your lights to the Information Booth, your $25 will be refunded. (Note: Why the change? In 2022, it took three staff members more than two days to undecorate abandoned trees. We need to add this refundable fee to keep the Enchanted Forest program affordable for all. Thanks for understanding.)

Please note: Any decorations left after 6pm on Jan 4 will be discarded.

There is no parking around Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park. Use an open space to drop off items and then please move your vehicle. Please bring a hand-truck or wagon if needed to make drop off easier.

Thanks to Outdoor Supply Hardware!

The trees for our Enchanted Forest are purchased from Outdoor Supply Hardware in San Jose.
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