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What is #ChristmasNow? It is our way of helping to keep spirits up as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and the affects the virus has had on our friends and family. Throughout the month of May we will be posting fun activities and some opportunities for you to get involved with Christmas in the Park. We would love for you to participate. We will be asking for some throwback pictures, some artistic talent and some general goofiness! Check our Facebook page every Monday - Thursday for new information and be sure that when you post anything you use the hashtag #ChristmasNow.

We know that everyone seems to be on some sort of virtual calls these days, so we have created some backgrounds to use that feature Christmas in the Park displays or settings along with our logo and the word "Believe". Click on the image and then save to your computer.
Below you will find four different snowglobe images for kids (or adults - cause lets face it, you have the time) to color. Go ahead and print them out, color them in, and post to our Facebook or Instagram page or email them to us at info@christmasinthepark.com. We will share some of our favorites as well.

Coloring Pages

Zoom Background Images

The Quarantree

What is a "quarantree" you ask? Well it's a tree that will be displayed at Christmas in the Park in 2020 that celebrates those individuals that have donated to our event during the quarantine event that we are facing due to COVID-19. Want your name or that of a loved on on an ornament on this tree? All you have to do is donate $25 here. Don't forget, we are a non-profit, so all donations are tax deductible.
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