2023 Vendor Application
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2023 Vendor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Christmas in the Park. Our vendors are an important part of our guest experience.

Christmas in the Park is a San Jose institution. We are a non profit, with 90% of our budget coming from donors, partners and vendors. This year our social media program will highlight our vendors. And our website will include listings for all our vendors. More collaborations with the community will drive more traffic to our Park. Our vendors (food and novelty) represent the best of our rich culture.

We’re upgrading our vendor communications during the run of our Park. Each week you’ll get a schedule of activations, Santa’s hours, stage performances, etc. Daily we’ll share any changes. Together, we are partners in helping more than 750,000 guests create lifelong memories.

Our vendors must follow the permitting process set by the city of San Jose and Santa Clara County.
Requirements include:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Non-food vendors must provide seller’s permit
  • Special event certification
  • Department of Environmental Health TFF (Temporary Food Facility) sheet must be filled out completely (food vendors only)
  • Cashier Check or Money Order for TFF fees

Vendor Fees

Fees for a 10x10 selling space start at $7,500 for the run of the show. Prime location fees are higher. Fees include electricity, tenting, one parking space, and access to dedicated vendor restrooms.

Pop-up space (no food prep allowed) in our Holiday Plaza with a 6ft table is $500 a day. We offer 20- and 40- day contracts at a daily discount.

Accommodations can be made regarding fees in order to present a diverse selection of foods and novelties.

Hours of Operation

Our Park is open for 40 days this year, and our vendors need to be open every day. Starting Nov. 25, and concluding Jan 1, vendors are open for business at the minimum:

  • Monday through Thursday from 4pm to 10pm (Park open noon to 10pm)
  • Friday from 4pm to 11pm (Park open noon to midnight)
  • Saturday from 10am to 11pm (Park open from 10am to midnight)
  • Sunday between 10am to 10pm (Park open from 10am to midnight)
  • December 20-25 vendors must be open from 12 Noon until 11:00pm
  • Once application is accepted, a $1000 security deposit is required when contract is returned, signed
  • Vendor shall supply a certificate of insurance naming CITP as additional insured under such insurance policies.
  • Vendor will comply with State, County and City Health and Fire requirements.
  • Vendor must have a business license and sellers permit in the state of California that remains valid through at least January 1, 2024. If no sellers permit is required, a form 410D (provided by the State Board of Equalization) must be provided.
  • Vendor must keep area clean and keep all materials in a controlled fashion.
  • Vendor may not sell items not approved by CITP.
  • Vendor will not use a personal heater in Vendor’s booth.
  • Vendor is responsible for all Santa Clara County Department of Health fees related to Vendor’s booth (as applicable).
  • Vendor may not use the Christmas in the Park logo without prior authorization in writing from CITP’s Managing Director.
  • Vendor must have menu and signs approved by the Managing Director.
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