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Sponsorship Information

Sponsor an Existing Display

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Christmas in the Park features more than 50 iconic animated displays that your business can sponsor. Display sponsorships include branding directly on the display information sign (see picture) as well as QR code placement directing guests back to your website or social media link. On occasion we have been able to integrate sponsor branding directly into the display features so be sure to inquire if that is possible as part of your sponsorship.

Case Study: Bellarmine College Prep
In 2016 Bellarmine wanted to be a part of Christmas in the Park but at a level that took them beyond just decorating a Christmas tree, but with a limited community budget. We worked with the high school and quickly landed on a display sponsorship. The Nativity Scene is a cherished display at Christmas in the Park and it made perfect sense for Bellarmine to be the presenting sponsor. In addition, we created a custom piece of artwork that showcases the partnership.

"Bellarmine College Prep is proud to be a sponsor of the nativity scene display at
Christmas in the Park, a wonderful holiday tradition that provides such joy for
thousands in our community.”
- Bryan Adams, Vice President, Office of Advancement

Sponsor a new feature at Christmas in the Park

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Companies are always looking for non-traditional ways to reach people and Christmas in the Park can create experiential marketing at our event that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Whether its creating a new photo opp with your branding incorporated, or something as wild as a snowball fight, let us create an experience that puts your name front and center for our guests.

Case Study: San Jose Clean Energy
In 2018 San Jose Clean Energy approached Christmas in the Park and wanted a unique way to deliver messaging about upcoming energy options in the city of San Jose. Our team created a unique photo op where guests could light up strands of LED Christmas lights that were strung between two giant candy cane poles by plugging in a giant Christmas tree light plug. In addition we created signage that was displayed along one of the main walkways where people could read about the new option in a fun, Christmas themed way.

Build a Playhouse with Habitat for Humanity

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For the past six years Christmas in the Park has partnered with Habitat for Humanity on our playhouse build competition. Companies dream up a playhouse theme, then actually build the playhouse with the help of Habitat staff. The playhouses are then placed on display at Christmas in the Park for guests to vote for their favorite. After the event the playhouses are donated to a local military support group, Blue Star Moms, who arrange for the houses to be delivered to families who need a pick me up.

Case Study: NetApp
Since the start of the playhouse program, NetApp has always been a participant. Each year they have a team of employees that meet and plan to build the best playhouse they can, not just to create something magical, but because they want to win! The house that receives the most votes wins a trophy we call the Cocoa Cup (pictured right). As the winner in 2018, NetApp proudly displays the award at their corporate headquarters in Sunnyvale.

Sponsor a Major Attraction

325 "Essential Workers" Tunnel 
Although some major items are already sponsored, it never hurts to inquire when a feature might be available for co-sponsoring or to be on a waiting list for when it comes available. Major programs include our Tree Program, Community Tree and some of our new light features light our 325 foot light tunnel, pixel forest and our pixel walls.

Holiday Tour

Because we are a drive through in 2020, we are working on a GPS enabled tour of the park where guests can enjoy the event in a unique and very fun way. The tour has your vehicle guided by Fuzzle the elf as you make your way around the park. As a special bonus, you'll continue your adventure on your ride home with a special story called Elf Trouble. But we need a sponsor to make this happen. Get your messaging across to our guests as they visit the park. Contact us for more details.

Sponsorship Pricing and Features

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Because Christmas in the Park is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, chances are, your sponsorship, or a portion of it, is tax deductible. In addition, we can customize a sponsorship based around a particular budget you have in mind. So if the structured pricing below doesn't fit, let us know and we can make something happen for you. Here are the 2020 sponsorship levels and pricing - note: some displays, attractions and programs are already spoken for, so please ask what is available at your level of interest.

Tier 1: (all sponsorships include Tier 1) $2,500

  • Logo placement on sponsorship page of website
  • Custom drawing created to use when announcing the sponsorship and placed in artwork grid on sponsorship page
  • Basic logo placement on 3 10x10 banners acknowledging all sponsors at Christmas in the Park
  • Verbal acknowledgement in our audio loop at Christmas in the Park where we recognize sponsors during holiday music play
  • Facebook announcement of sponsorship

Tier 2: (includes Tier 1 and the following) $5,000

  • Sponsorship of one of the iconic displays at Christmas in the Park including logo placement on display sign and QR code link back to your website or social media feed
  • Enhanced logo placement on 3 10x10 banners acknowledging all sponsors at Christmas in the Park
  • Home page announcement of sponsorship for one week prior to the start of Christmas in the Park in the "In Other News" section

Tier 3: (includes Tiers 1 and 2 plus the following) $10,000

  • Sponsorship of a Christmas in the Park attraction or land
    • Pixel Forest, Pixel Walls, 4x8 Billboards
  • Large logo placement on 3 10x10 banners acknowledging all sponsors at Christmas in the Park
  • Home page announcement of sponsorship for one week prior to the start of Christmas in the Park in the "Featured News" section
  • "Boosted" Facebook announcement of sponsorship
  • Home page announcement during the run of Christmas in the Park for one week in the "Featured News" section

Tier 4: (includes Tiers 1, 2 and 3 plus the following) $20,000

  • Sponsorship of a Christmas in the Park Featured Program or Special Event
    • Tree Program, Community Giving Tree, Essential Workers Light Tunnel

Playhouse Build with Christmas in the Park and Habitat for Humanity: $5,000 (50/50 split between nonprofits)

  • Team building activity for 8-12 people (more can be involved - ask for details)
  • Logo on signage in front of playhouse at Christmas in the Park
  • Picture of constructed playhouse and company logo on Playhouse web page and voting site

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