Reindeer Ranch
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Reindeer Ranch

presented by An-Jan

The Reindeer Ranch at Christmas in the Park is located in the Southwest region of the park and features a variety of displays and decorated Christmas trees. The feature display in this rustic village is the Reindeer Barn. Featuring all of Santa's reindeer, the display was first built back in 1990, but has gone through several updates since then. The fencing in the Reindeer Ranch village is also very unique in that unlike in the rest of the park, this area consists of a wood fence to add to the theme. A custom built archway greets guests as they enter from Market Street and you can find many lighted reindeer present in the area. Other displays that you will see in the Reindeer Ranch include our Schoolhouse, Nativity Scene and Countdown to Christmas. You can also take a ride on Blinky's Express, a whimsical train ride located just next to the Reindeer Ranch.

Displays inside the Reindeer Ranch

The Reindeer Barn
Countdown to Christmas
Nativity Scene
Reindeer Ranch Archway
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Open 9:00am to Midnight