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New for 2018

How to enjoy your visit

Photo Courtesy of Sound In Motion  
Our Executive Director, Jason Minsky, gives his "Top Ten" tips on how best to enjoy your visit to Christmas in the Park.

1. Come before December 26th. If you come after December 25th, you will be sad, cause we will be closed.
2. Try to avoid coming on a weekend. Our crowds are busiest Friday through Sunday, so if coming during the week is an option, take advantage of that.
3. Do not drive directly to the park. If you can, take Lyft or other means of public transportation. If you do need to drive, do not drive directly to the park as there is no parking on site. Pick a parking lot or garage and drive there, then walk to the park. There is plenty of parking downtown and you can find more info here.
4. Ideally you should arrive at the park about 4:00 while it is still light out. Take a stroll around the park so you can see all there is to take in at this magical place. Pay attention to detail, read the history signs, see who is sponsoring which display, etc. Then, go have dinner and afterward come back to the park when its dark to see the lights and grab a tasty treat from one of our vendors.
5. If you are going to see Santa, be sure to check out the Santa schedule here. Arrive at the beginning (if not a little early) for the time slot of your choice. Be aware, the Santa line will close approximately 30-45 minutes before the end of each shift.
6. When walking the park there is no pattern to see everything without having to see an area or two more than once. Don't try to figure it out, but if you do, let us know! We've been at it for 39 years and still can't!
7. Most vendors at the park only take cash, so bring some. But, bring a card too as some only take credit or debit cards. Be sure you are purchasing from an approved park vendor. This means they have a permanent spot in the park and have paid a fee to be there - helping to keep the event free each year. There are also 4 ATM machines in the park.
8. Our entertainment schedule is posted here if you are looking for a specific performance. Try attending one of our movie nights (be careful, they are on Saturdays starting at 6pm) - they are a lot of fun and Lucky's brings free milk and cookies.
9. We still have a few special events to attend. Friday night's are "Amazon Fridays" and you can get a free photo (6-10) with your family at our Twelve Days of Christmas display or with Santa in the Santa Booth. Saturdays from 10-2 we have kids from Harker helping with free arts & crafts projects.
10. Support our event! We are a non-profit and rely on you making a donation while at the park. You can also purchase a Christmas in the Park shirt, hoodie or beanie from our information booth - they make great gifts! You can also donate online here. Follow us on Facebook for all updates and for our 40th Anniversary line-up of special events in 2019.

Here is a look at what's new for 2018

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We are always trying to make our event fun and new for long time visitors or our die-hard fans, so this year we have some new displays, a few updates to some of your favorites and lots more to showcase at our event.

New Displays:
We are featuring four new displays at Christmas in the Park this year. The first is sponsored by An-Jan and is called Kringle Pet Supply and Feed. This display might look a little familiar as it has actually been around for quite some time, but has never looked as good. The display features eight children holding their favorite pets in our "barn-themed" exhibit. Concept by executive director Jason Minsky and designed and created by exhibit designer Tom Trafton and board member John Herschbach.

The second new display is our Elf Village. Sponsored by Goodwill Silicon Valley, this display features three elf homes, two working windmills and multiple whimsical elves frolicking around snow filled cobblestone road village. With concept by executive director Jason Minsky, this display was created by exhibit designer Tom Trafton with a lot of help from board member John Herscbach and was made possible through a donation from Barrango in South San Francisco.

You might recognize our third new display from the outside, but once up close you will see how we transformed our pet adoption trailer to an amazing holiday Lego winter wonderland. The trailer, built with special help from the Office of Sheriff Laurie Smith, will feature multiple Lego displays created by BayLUG - a local Lego builders club. Kids will wonder in amazement at this creation that will feature multiple trains in three different windows.

Our last display that is "new" for 2018 is what we refer to as our "Elves Around the Christmas Tree" display. Over the years you have seen elves decorating a tree, elves jumping on trampolines and even an upside down Christmas tree on this display. This year we are partnering with CreaTV to update the display to feature multiple television screens in a pyramid, or shall we say, Christmas tree, form to entertain and delight guests.

Light Show:
With a generous donation from IBEW Local 332, our giant Community Giving Tree that is sponsored by Southwest Airlines will have a brand new look and feel for 2018. With 100 strands of programmable lighting, this tree will literally "dance" to the music of some of your favorite holiday music. We also want to thank friend of Christmas in the Park Tom Betgeorge for his work on making this feature so magical.

New Food Vendor:
After being featured at holiday festivals on the East Coast, we are excited to welcome The Wandering Waffle to Christmas in the Park. Compliment your Snowman Hot Chocolate with a taste of this amazing treat with your favorite dipping sauce.
The Christmas in the Park hoodie by Build-A-Bear 
We are so excited to let you know that for the first time, Build-A-Bear will be at Christmas in the Park! A magical partnership has been created and now you can build your own Build-A-Bear while visiting Christmas in the Park. Located inside our Information Booth, Build-A-Bear even has a special Christmas in the Park bear with branded hoodie for sale. One of the best things about this partnership is that a percentage of all sales will be donated back to Christmas in the Park. We will even feature a Build-A-Bear penny from our penny press machine!

The Christmas Home:
A special partnership has been created with Advantage Homes in San Jose that will give fans of Christmas in the Park a new location to purchase Santa pictures at the park. Advantage Homes has moved in a "granny house" that will be all decorated for the holidays. Not only will you be able to purchase your Santa photos inside, but you can also pose for and purchase your own holiday photo inside as well - and on every Friday starting November 30th, these general holiday photos are FREE courtesy of Amazon from 6:00pm - 10:00pm. Our TapSnap crew will be standing by to make your visit that much more magical!
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The Amazon Toy Cart and Scavenger Hunt:
Last year we debuted a new activity at Christmas in the Park - and official scavenger hunt created by our friends at Let's Roam. This year's hunt will be even more fun and once again you will have the opportunity to compete and win the hottest toys for 2018 from our Amazon Toy Cart Display. Featuring over 20 of this year's hottest toys the lot is valued at $1500! The scavenger hunt goes live on November 23 and here is the link to play.

New Merchandise:
Each year we create a new design and feature this artwork on clothing items. We are pretty excited for our new "Build A Snowman" merchandise and will feature the design on a traditional hoodie and zip-up hoodie for both kids and adults as well as a long sleeve shirt for adults.
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