Blinky's Illuminated Holiday: Know Before You Go
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Blinky's Illuminated Holiday: Know Before You Go

Helpful hints for your visit

You must purchase tickets in advance. No tickets will be sold at the event.


Blinky's Illuminated Holiday is at Lake Cunningham Park (Raging Waters). Located at 2305 S White Road in San Jose, CA 95148, vehicles MUST enter via White Rd Eastbound or Westbound, then turn onto Tully Rd, then right into the Lake Cunningham entrance.

1. All ticket holders MUST arrive during their ticket window. Guests arriving before or after may be delayed or turned away. Please plan your trip accordingly.
2. Bring snacks, beverages and use the bathroom ahead of time. Although there are restrooms on site and vendors selling food and beverages at our Fair Food Festival (located after your drive-thru experience), we encourage you to plan ahead. Bring activities for the kids in case you experience a short wait time.
4. Please print out your ticket or have the QR code available on your phone as you approach Lake Cunningham Park. Hold your ticket up for scanning once you reach the ticket scanner.
5. Please be courteous to other drivers. Do not cut in line. If you do not have a ticket, do not try to attend - this will only waste your time and the time of other ticket holders.
6. Our event is synchronized to a music soundtrack that can be heard on 93.1 FM. Tune your radio to this channel before you arrive.
7. During your drive-thru, keep moving, do not stop and keep pace with the car in front of you. Stopping, switching seats or getting out of your vehicle in any way causes a ripple effect and will cause longer wait times for people.
8. If you purchased a VIP ticket, you will enter the experience right after your ticket is scanned - follow the signs or staff directions.

We truly hope that you enjoy your time at Blinky's Illuminated Holiday and be sure to visit our downtown Christmas in the Park event as well.

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