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Thank you for your interest in attending Christmas in the Park - A Drive-Thru Holiday. Below you have the option to choose one of three different tickets: Our twilight ticket is just $10 between the hours of 4pm and 5pm each night. Regular price tickets are $20 between 5pm and 10pm. You can also sponsor a less fortunate family to attend the event by participating in our Buy One-Give One program. We will be working with SOMOS Mayfair and Catholic Charities for the donated ticket distributions.

Please be sure to arrive within your 15-minute window. Ticket purchases are non-refundable and our event is open rain or shine.

Driver's must pay attention to the road and may not exceed 2.5 MPH. WARNING: Flashing lights are a part of the event - those with medical conditions affected by such activity should not attend. Please read all of our terms and conditions for further information.

Scroll down for Individual ticket sales!

The ticket price is per car and not per person.

Please select your dates and times carefully, as there are no refunds or exchanges.

11/27 Friday Drive-Thru
11/28 Saturday Drive-Thru
11/29 Sunday Drive-Thru
11/30 Monday Drive-Thru
12/01 Tuesday Drive-Thru
12/02 Wednesday Drive-Thru
12/03 Thursday Drive-Thru
12/04 Friday Drive-Thru
12/05 Saturday Drive-Thru
12/06 Sunday Drive-Thru
12/07 Monday Drive-Thru
12/08 Tuesday Drive-Thru
12/09 Wednesday Drive-Thru
12/10 Thursday Drive-Thru
12/11 Friday Drive-Thru
12/12 Saturday Drive-Thru
12/13 Sunday Drive-Thru
12/14 Monday Drive-Thru
12/15 Tuesday Drive-Thru
12/16 Wednesday Drive-Thru
12/17 Thursday Drive-Thru
12/18 Friday Drive-Thru
12/19 Saturday Drive-Thru
12/20 Sunday Drive-Thru
12/21 Monday Drive-Thru
12/22 Tuesday Drive-Thru
12/23 Wednesday Drive-Thru
12/24 Thursday Drive-Thru
12/25 Friday Drive-Thru
12/26 Saturday Drive-Thru
12/27 Sunday Drive-Thru
12/28 Monday Drive-Thru
12/29 Tuesday Drive-Thru
12/30 Wednesday Drive-Thru
12/31 Thursday Drive-Thru
01/01 Friday Drive-Thru
01/02 Saturday Drive-Thru
01/03 Sunday Drive-Thru
2020 Christmas in the Park Commemorative Ornament
The 2020 limited edition ornament features the image of the state of California with San Jose marked by a star with a old fashioned red truck carrying a Christmas tree and the words Christmas in the Park and San Jose CA. Shipping and tax will be added.
Brick Walk
Christmas in the Park Holiday Brick Walk. Reserve your brick today!
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