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Zoom Santa 12.1

Thank you for signing up to visit with Santa this season. We are making appointments in 15-minute time windows for 10-minute conversations with Santa (these seem to be a good length, to keep it magical and not overwhelm the children).

Zoom gives Santa a unique opportunity to have a very personal conversation with his visitors. To the extent you are comfortable sharing, please provide the following information.

Some Tips:

  • Based on past experience, the call should not be a surprise for your child. Let them know that they will have a special call with Santa so that they aren’t frightened or so excited they can’t sit still for the chat.
  • Help your child prepare a wish list before the call. They can also prepare a "give" list of things they think other family members might want. This gives them something to refer back to when it comes time for the visit, and they won’t be likely to "freeze" when the big question comes.
  • Santa’s ears aren’t always as sharp as they should be, so do be ready to help interpret what your child says to keep the communication clear over Zoom.
  • When children ask, “is Santa real?” they already have an inkling that Santa is a game we play that’s fun for little kids. When the time is right to tell your child, Santa recommends the approach in the article A Lovely, Non-traumatizing Way to Break the News About Santa.
  • When children ask Santa, “Are you the real Santa?” The answer is “I’m always the real Santa, even if I don’t always look exactly the same.”

The visit with Santa is free, but you are encouraged to make a donation to Christmas in the Park, if you are able. This will help keep the lights on for 2022! Should you make a donation, please mention “Santa Zoom” to help us keep track of how popular the Zoom Santa offering is this year. For more information, please visit:

Personal Information

First and last names of all children who will be present for the visit (and teens and adults, if you like). These are the names that will appear on Santa’s “Nice” list.
for example, Kaleah might be kah-LEE-yah or KAYlee
Any guests visiting this Xmas?
Naughty List
Nice list
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