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Tree Programs

Tree Programs

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2016 tree decorating contest winners are posted to the right.

Sponsor Trees now on sale! Other tree categories for the 2017 season will go on sale in August.

Have you ever wanted to showcase your community group, non-profit, school, business or scout troop at Christmas in the Park? Ever wonder how all of those organizations are involved? Well, you are at the right place! See below for our different tree categories. Unfortunately, we do not have a category for "family" trees.

Our tree programs for 2017 are as follows:

Community Trees: 4-5 foot tree with three strands of light. Community Trees are perfect for non-profits, scout troops, schools and other community organized groups. Includes text sign at base of tree.

Elves Club Trees: 6-7 foot tree with four strands of lights. For non-profits, scout troops, schools and other community organized groups that want a full-size tree to decorate. Includes text sign at base of tree.

High School Trees: 6-7 foot tree with four strands of lights. Each year we invite high schools to participate in a tree decorating contest and although we are having a best overall tree contest in 2016, we will still have a special category for the best High school tree as well. Includes text sign at base of tree.

Sponsor Trees: 6-7 foot tree with four strands of lights. Perfect for local or national businesses who want to be a part of Christmas in the Park and expose their business to the more than 650,000 attendees who walk through every year. Includes logo sign at base of tree.

Best Decorated Tree Award

  • In 2017 we will be awarding the best overall decorated tree with a special award, so feel free to go all-out in your decorating!
  • We will not be placing the white snow cloth in our forest area this year, so please feel free to bring a tree skirt to help enhance your efforts.
  • We will also be paying close attention to any offensive materials used in your decoration, so please remember these rules:
  1. No banners are permitted on the trees or on the ground around trees.
  2. No coupons or tear-off advertisements are permitted on trees.
  3. No offensive language or decor may be used in tree decoration.
  4. No hidden messaging is allowed.

Decorating and Tear-down Days:

Decorating Days for 2017 will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 21st and 22nd between the hours of 9am and 5pm as well as November 24th between 9am and 12pm. Tear-down will take place on Tuesday January 2nd and Wednesday January 3rd between 9am and 5pm – all ornaments left after January 3rd will be recycled or disposed of. YOU MAY NOT REMOVE YOUR ORNAMENTS PRIOR TO JANUARY 2, 2018.

Tips for Decorators:

  1. Use weatherproof materials. We get our share of wind and rain, so please make sure your decor will hold up to the elements.
  2. Be sure to “tie” your ornaments to the tree branches so they do not come loose during the run of our event.
  3. Bring a tree skirt.
  4. Do not use expensive ornaments or decor as we are not responsible for any damage or stolen items that “The Grinch” or any other “Grinch-like” may try to acquire.
  5. You can bring your own lights (make sure they are LED) to add to the decor of your tree.
  6. Do not bring any ornaments made of food as the “creatures” of the park tend to enjoy them too much.

Sponsor Tree Program
Complete the form to participate! Sponsor Trees are 7-8 feet tall and include 3 strands of LED lights plus a logo identification sign.
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